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“With little feet, little dream like buds we enter school,

 With fun, frolic, knowledge to beautiful flowers we bloom.”


Primary school lays the foundation of child’s future and we strongly believe to make this foundation firm. We give the students moral values and ethical principles. Prepare them for being a lifelong learner and encourage independence and team work. They are taught the basic skills of problem solving, questioning and learning to work individually and in a group. The school plays an important role in helping the children to become responsible and successful citizens of our country.

Excellence is the main aim of our school. Our school builds each of its students strong and able to accomplish his/her goal in life. The school provides healthy environment to its students so that the students are able to realize their aspiration to the utmost of their attributes.

Parents are considered to be our co-partners in our endeavour to impart good quality education. We encourage their participation, feedback and the reinforcement of our school’s ethos at home. If we work together mountains can be moved and impossible can be made possible.

This school is one of the most adored school of the city. With the team spirit and dedication of our teachers, the unparalleled support of the management and the commitment of the students seeking education here, the school has certainly become a jewel in the crown.